Business, Fitness and The Game

Hello all and welcome back to the Get Constructive Blog!

The premise for today’s post hit me late on Thursday night with thoughts about business, fitness, goals, success and the game swirling around in my head.

There are a lot of highly successful business people and entrepreneurs out there with goals in health and fitness that seem utterly unattainable. These individuals, that we look up to in business, usually know a bit about mathematics and as their thinking in business takes a higher road- money, the industry, the market and their competition all become part of a high stakes game. It is a game with rules, players, innings and leagues, where money and statistics are just 1s and 0s and ultimately whoever ‘wins’ takes home the trophy. Would it make it easier for these proven winners if they knew that fitness, health, weight loss or wherever your goals lie, is the same game? Let me tell you today – it is.


Start with the business plan. The structure of this plan needs to be formulated with a clear, measurable, long term goal in mind from the outset. It needs to have a calculated timeline with phases and milestones and it has to take into account any known external constraints. The bigger the end goal, then the more comprehensive the plan needs to be and it needs to be more strictly enforced. If the goal is six-pack abs or £100M in yearly revenue then the timeline needs to reflect this, because building something of this magnitude and quality takes time.


Time to get started. We all know starting a health and fitness program when you can see a big ass mountain to climb, is the hardest step of all – we are still playing the business game. How many of your friends suffer from ‘ready-set’ syndrome? Every week they have a new business idea, they are ready, sometimes they even set a few things up… but they never go. This early hurdle catches us in our training and diet in exactly the same way. Anyone can read about the latest 7 day detox diet and excitedly tell our friends about our plan but if you don’t actually make a start, you stay steadily poised in the starting blocks with your goals no closer to being reached.

Growth and Progression:

As we grow and progress, we encounter more hurdles on both fronts. We hit plateaus in our weight loss, or the last few percent of bodyfat just won’t budge. This is the equivalent of a slow month in sales at the start of a new financial year, or your latest blog post that doesn’t get any hits. It is the easy option to be discouraged at this point and believe you have hit your ceiling- or, like the relentless entrepreneur, banker, or salesman- you instead choose to adapt, tinker, innovate or just plain power your way through that ceiling with more old-fashion hard work.

Achieving the end goal:

Your legacy. To paraphrase Gary Vaynerchuck, author of the ground-breaking social media marketing bible of our generation, ‘Crush it’- if you haven’t been grinding at this goal, if you haven’t been playing this game, if you haven’t been repeating the execution steps of your plan over, and over, and over again for at least a year then don’t even bother coming to me with your complaints about a lack of results. Achieving anything at this level, be it a million followers on twitter or that bikini body you want for summer, takes a heavy, sometimes painful amount of work. Sure you may not be able to hustle endlessly at the gym like you can in the office, but rest assured just like those extra hours in the office can yield more black ink, health and fitness is no different. You always get out what you put in.

I am sure there are some that build businesses for the short game- to get in, make their money and get out, but the few entrepreneurs I have met or researched are in it for more than short term cash. It is about building something that outlasts you- a legacy and a set of achievements that can inspire others to achieve their goals as well. If everything else in the game is the same, why should this be any different? Why not build a body, a routine and an outlook towards what you eat, that can be engrained into long term sustainable habits? Why can’t you reach the bar you set, then set it higher again? Why can’t you set the standard for health and fitness amongst your friends, family and co-workers? The answer is the reason this blog exists- the answer is you can.

Thank you for tuning in again and as always feel free to join us on social media below or hit me back with some feedback! GC

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