What beats an imperfect plan?


Hi all and welcome back to the Get Constructive blog!

It has been a long time between posts while we worked on the design of the blog and social media platforms and the new #MyRoutine campaign.

This new campaign cuts right to the core of Get Constructive’s mission. It is about being real and featuring real people’s achievements in health and fitness to show the rest of our followers what is possible. I encourage you to tune into the Instagram and Facebook pages with links at the bottom of the page as always.

Without further ado let’s throw down today’s post. Today we are addressing an important question and one that is indirectly raised over and over again at my work place, and by friends and family members. The same question takes numerous forms – ‘What can I do if I can’t stand going to the gym?’, or ‘What if my wife’s cooking doesn’t fit my macros?’, or ‘I work in media sales and I’ve got no option but to drink and network with clients every now and again’. The core of these concerns and so many more is the same- your plan isn’t perfect. The point of today’s post is it doesn’t matter.

Like anything, we can’t always nail the brief. Your diet may not be perfect down to the last micronutrient or maybe you can only squeeze one gym session each week out of your packed schedule.  So time to answer today’s question- what beats an imperfect plan? The answer- consistency.

Those of you in the Real Estate business or savvy investors among us understand this concept already. Your new house might be located a bit too close to the train tracks… the bathroom might need some work… or the neighbours might be students that enjoy the occasional Thursday night party… but assuming overall there is a sound foundation and structure to build fromover time, in the long term this investment can still pay some serious returns.

Like the Real Estate game, capital gain in health and fitness continues to build over years of hanging in the market. It’s a marathon, and provided there is a reasonably informed plan with a basic foundation and structure in place, applying this plan consistently over the long term will trump the perfectly engineered diet that you find impossible to follow Every. Single. Time.

In terms of what makes up a sound foundation, I encourage a look back to our posts on diet and training and the rest is largely up to your personal situation. Do you have time to cook most of your meals or are you confined to ready-made, off-the-shelf options? Are you engaged in competitive sport? Are you a gym goer or do you prefer to walk the dog to keep moving? In the early stages, for the time poor professional, the constraints of your personal situation should mould your approach to health and fitness, rather than trying to rearrange your life around a highly detailed diet/training plan. It just doesn’t work.

Of course there are a lot of highly researched, quality resources and plenty of talented health and fitness professionals out there, but this sea of information can be equally confusing for the new starter and the real key is to cut through all of this to the basics and just get started.

Coming back to our real estate analogy one more time- with this sound foundation and structure in place, albeit basic and maybe even a bit rough around the edges- we now have the potential to renovate, add value and improve this house (or plan) as we go and that is where being consistent can take us from achieving basic results, to going next level on our health and fitness and ultimately gaining the physique we want for our troubles.

With this in mind I will wrap today up by reiterating the answer to the question one more time. Long term consistency, in applying a few positive measures in both diet and exercise will absolutely defeat the perceived imperfections of your plan in the long term. Like the Real Estate cycle cannot be denied in the long term, neither can your health and fitness goals, as long as you are willing to stick it out.

As always, drop me an email with any questions/feedback and see you back here next week on the GC!

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